Vytal Franchise

Solving the global waste problem together!

At Vytal, we provide the tech solution to operate a digital and deposit-free reusable container system. 

However, Vytal is not simply a tech company; we have been operating the system ourselves for more than three years in the German and other European markets. Our tech platform is built on the experience of over 4.5 million container check-outs- and as many returns (yes, in the Vytal system, containers really come back!) - and we are constantly updating and improving our product to provide the best experience for our customers and partners.

We founded Vytal to fight a global problem. We believe that there is no time to lose and our digitized system should be in use in every part of the world. Therefore, we are looking for passionate franchise partners to maximize our impact and grow the reuse network. Our franchise partners are independent entrepreneurs who build and operate their own reusable packaging scheme - supported by Vytal's brand, technology and experience. Together, we can make a difference one container at a time.

User App

The entry ticket for users into the reusables world. Users can borrow containers, track their impact and explore new partners with our app. And they love it - rated with 4.9/5 stars in the app stores!

Partner App

The app for restaurants, canteens and supermarkets to check-out and return containers, manage their stock levels, order new containers or request pick-ups

Operator App

The app for operations and logistics personnel to rebalance the network and conduct inventory checks

Operating System

Everything behind the scenes - managing partner accounts, containers and operations, marketing and invoicing


Get a live view on what is happening in the system, e.g. usage, stock levels, return rates and times


We provide interfaces to integrate with food delivery platforms, existing apps and (reverse) vending machines to build the ecosystem

Your benefits as a Franchise Partner

👉 Access to Vytal’s network of global partners (e.g. chains, delivery companies)
👉 Proven tech solution to operate an efficient reusable packaging system
👉 Immediate access to all new features for the Vytal Apps
👉 GDPR-compliant handling of data and payments
👉 Training and ongoing support by Vytal Staff
👉 Well-defined brand

We believe that only a profitable business is a sustainable business.

We are looking for partners with a passion for sustainability and the right mindset to build a nation-wide reusable packaging company.

The ideal partner:
👉 has a proven entrepreneurial track record
👉 is well connected in the local gastronomy scene
👉 is able to invest at least USD 25,000 to build a reusable packaging system

Interested in doing your part in solving the global waste problem? You are running a deposit-based scheme and realized that the containers are not coming back?

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